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At Auburn Locksmith, we believe that every citizen has the right to feel safe, and the only way to achieve this sensation is by using mechanical devices to restrict the access to your property. Only you should be able to control the access to your stuff. That’s precisely the main principle behind our services, and that’s why we rely on a heavy use of technology, making your security smarter, granting you complete control. We feel committed to developing user-friendly security backgrounds to empower and defend your interests, your property, and even your family. As a local business, we are bonded by three fundamental values:
Swiftness: being able to solve our client’s problem on time.
Honesty: Fair prices, never charging hidden fees or acting in bad faith.
Post-job follow-up: Make sure everything goes well after the job. We guarantee the durability of our repairs and installations.
We Want to make Auburn a better place by providing people with the most advanced safety solutions, smart devices, and with help when things go wrong.
Our beginning
When my brother and I came back from vacation, we found our apartment burglarized. It seemed like a planned work, but that was unimportant. The front door was forced, and almost all our stuff was gone. We sat down for a while in a mix of sadness and anger, and he thought about making our own home security system. We bought high-security locks, armored doors and we learned the basics of locksmithing. Our home was burglar proof and the issue never happened again.
He then took things next level and started a business offering our home as a proof of our skills. Neighbors were amazed by the craft, and soon enough clients began to call from the other side of the city. I joined him, and together we started a crowd funding campaign on Go Fund Me. We pre-sold almost a hundred of our security bundles, and things have been awesome since then!